What is apatheism

Those who rarely think about God or have no interest in spiritual matters can be described as apatheists. There is a certain preconceived opinion that exists about atheists. They are exponents, at least, of the second, more important part of apatheism: Atheists historically have been persecuted during periods of religious fervor, although at other periods, they became prominent social figures and philosophers.

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Knowing this can greatly help us in evangelism: The journalist Jonathan Rauch believes that "apatheism is to be celebrated as nothing less than a major civilizational advance. Related views Apathetic agnosticism A view related to apatheism is apathetic agnosticism, apathetic agnosticism claims that no amount of debate can prove or disprove the existence of one or more deities, and if one or more deities exist, they do not appear to be concerned about the fate of humans.

Closely allied beliefs We use the name pantheism because the term encompasses a long and venerable history dating back to Heraclitus and Marcus Aurelius and extending to Einstein, D. Religion, as the events of September 11 and after have so brutally underscored, remains the most divisive and volatile of social forces.

Other paths that approximate include philosophical Taoism, modern Stoicism, Western forms of Buddhism that celebrate Nature and daily life without supernatural beliefs, and Unitarian Universalists who do not believe in supernatural beings.

Two of the major benefits our members and friends say they value are gaining new like-minded friends and finding a place where they can share their enthusiasms without fear of being ostracized or feeling isolated. Such persons might say they care about God, and they might even think they do.

Apatheism is a somewhat modern word, describing a particular view of God and spiritual issues. Many people of many faith claims are actually disinterested and uninformed about God and the Christian faith. Orthodox rabbi to Reform rabbi: Because people like you twist words around.

No one has ever expressed concern about this. In addition, atheism is the belief that there is no heaven or afterlife of any kind.


Truth be told, most people in Western cultures could be described as apatheists. I am hardly perfect. It is an achievement. There are a number of different types of atheism and various approaches to atheist belief, ranging from an active disbelief in God to a more passive sort of atheism, in which people simply reject the idea of God but do not feel that strongly about it.

That being said, it would be fair to say that apatheism is one of the most common attitudes in modern culture. They see no reason to believe in the things of religion so they are not interested and they spend their time on other pursuits.

Scripture warns believers not to fall into the trap of apatheism. People must put a label on their beliefs. In that respect it differs from the standard concepts used to describe religious views and people. That belief is not imaginary—such persons do, in fact, have some kind of opinion about God.

When muscles are left unused, they shrink, a process known as atrophy. However, the number of atheists are rising, particularly in countries where English is the predominant language spoken. Faith, in a sense, is similar to a muscle: What is an apatheist. Ad Atheists who actively disbelieve have dealt with a great deal of stigma over the ages, as many cultures place a heavy emphasis on the role of religion in society, stressing the idea that God is present and important.

Secular Philosophies How to Be an Apatheist In a world torn by religious zealotry, not caring much about other people's beliefs or even your own can be a virtue.

How to Be an Apatheist

Insofar as you have a tendency toward dogmatic zeal, bigotry, or affrontive proselytism or disputation, you should simply avoid these topics. It is, rather, a careful discipline. But now I must leave off for I promised to watch Bill Maher with her at 9 and she has been working really hard to get ready to leave on a trip Wednesday.

Make earth-honoring life-affirming naturalistic beliefs widely available as a rational alternative to supernatural and theistic religions. For some people, the idea of actively expressing disbelief is extremely repugnant, as it seems to cast aspersions on cultural values as well as religion.

For example, when Jesus instructs on the discipline on prayer he advises his listeners to pursue private devotion rather than grandiose, public displays Mt 6: In other words, I AM interested in the things of religion.

Since they do not seem to care if humans believe or not, apatheists will not care until they show them a reason to, and perhaps not even if such an event occurred. Apatheism on the rise December 25, at 1: Many people assume that atheists are also Satanists, Communists, anarchists, and Humanists.

May 15,  · Apatheism doesn't really tell anybody anything. It is probably even less of a word than atheism. Atheism, you at least got something. Apatheism is a lot like apathy and it's possible to be a theist or an atheist and also be a apatheist. Apatheism is the spiritual equivalent to a /*shrug*.

Nov 01,  · "Apatheism could be considered a sort of trap, to some extent, because it rejects the idea that religion is in fact extremely important for many people on. apatheist (plural apatheists) (religion) A person who does not care about the existence of a God or gods ; a supporter of apatheism.

Related terms [ edit ]. Apatheism is apathy towards belief and disbelief in gods. An apatheist simply doesn't care whether there is or isn't a god. The word apatheism is a portmanteau of apathy and theism/atheism.

Dec 02,  · Apatheism: acting with apathy, disregard, or lack of interest towards belief, or lack of belief in a deity.

Apatheism describes the manner of acting towards a belief or lack of a belief in a deity; so applies to both theism and atheism. Apatheism by David Glass Apathy is a common attitude towards belief in God.

In fact, there’s even a term for it: apatheism. Some apatheists are also atheists, others are agnostics, but some don’t have any view on whether or not there is a God.

What is apatheism
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