Should tobacco be illegal

As for preventing secondhand smoke, smoking regulations enforced by the government, ie smoking is not allowed within 50 feet of a public building or inside the workplace, etc, seem to be a good idea. The producers or even the businessman claims that cigarette business brings a positive outcome to the society.

Should Smoking be Banned Completely?

The tobacco companies are poisoning people just to make money!. Weekly marijuana use can double the risk of depression later in life.

Young adults like all smokers must be informed that no cigarettes are good for health. Not in the country but in the whole world. Aug 9, In my opinion, smoking should not be banned because if it will be banned then the people who are addicted to smoke may be unable to survive or choose to indulge in even more harmful acts like drinking or drugs.

It can set an age bar for smoking as well as set the limit for no of cigarette packets a person can buy monthly. Nicotine is a known substance and one of the main products in cigarettes and is very addictive in nature. You can predict the rationale behind the proposed tobacco ban.

Smokers are actually one of the direct contributors to environmental pollution. They are adults that can do what they chose to. It not only affects the smokers but also affects the people who are nearby.

What Were They Thinking.

Should alcohol and tobacco become illegal?

You could lose interest in school, work and activities that you enjoy. Because smoking is kill a person within short period of time or infected some health problems long time.

Oct 2, Let me start with an example of ITC limited. Youths think that this is something very thrilling that I am doing but sincerely I want to request them that please don't go for this.

Should Smoking Be Banned?

Smoking is as bad to the environment as it is to our health. A several attempts were made to curtail illegal internet tobacco sales but it was with limited success.

Jan 25,  · Tobacco clearly takes a significant toll on the lives of Americans, causingpremature deaths each year, and drastic measures should be taken to eliminate the habit from our lives, including, some say, banning cigarettes.

· The illicit trade of tobacco products poses major health, economic and security concerns around the world.

List of smoking bans

It is estimated that one in every 10 cigarettes and tobacco products consumed globally is illicit. It is for this reason that combatting the illegal tobacco trade is the theme of WHO's annual If tobacco were to be banned, the taxpayers would have to pay more to provide that same amount.

Either that or the government would have to cut its spending. Another issue to.

Illegal trade of tobacco products: What you should know to stop it

Access Top Quality Argumentative Essays on Banning Tobacco Smoking. Despite the various efforts by different government institutions and organizations to discourage tobacco use, it remains one of the common habits by a majority of individuals especially the This is the group discussion on "Should Smoking be Banned Completely?".

Prices of tobacco should be raised and non smokers should be given privileges in the country to promote anti tobacco campaign and promote people to leave smoking. it should be regulated by bringing new laws it will helps to stop illegal and the cancerous smoking Essay on Make Tobacco Illegal And Legalize Marijuana.

Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Your Child

Words 3 Pages. Show More. There have been lots of views and opinions surrounding the arguments whether marijuana should be legalized and if tobacco should be made illegal.

The reasons for marijuana not being legalized are similar to the reasons people want tobacco to become

Should tobacco be illegal
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